Nick's Journal
2004-12-21 05:24:07 (UTC)

Give Me My Money!!!

first of all, wow, that last entry got 3 replies (most ever
for any) thanks to all the ladies out there :-). on a very
macho note i would like to now say. GIVE ME MY MONEY!
Seth! Pretty Girl in the copy room! Fork it over. Miami
won tonight and ain't nobody be believin' me. well it's 5
bucks. anyhow, i can't fucking believe it's 12:15 and i'm
not in bed, i have an interview tomorrow i know jack shit
about this firm and i don't know, i just want christmas
vacation to get here already. my mind is just a buzz with
all this shit and i just can't sleep. i really hate not
being able to get some rest. i really should go to bed but
all i want to do is sit here an do unproductive shit.
alright i'm going to the firm's webpage......hold
on.....good god, this is stupid. alright i took notes (i
fucking took notes) on what i'm going to ask them tomorrow.
i have started doing this and quiz myself before every
interview because i absoluetly hate sitting there like a
jack-ass when they inevitably ask, "well do you have any
normally i'm quiet at interviews cos i want to learn about
hte firm. i answer all questions about myself and speak as
much about myself, because that i think is the goal. me
desperately exploiting myself like a cheap hooker
frantically trying to get a trick before last call at the
bar. showing off everything i have in a vain last-ditch
attempt at turning on a light in their minds crowded with
"worthy" applicants. so when they ask me for questions i
never have any (unless i took notes) because all i ever want
or need to know they tell me.
christ, i don't now why i still do interviews, i hate them,
i have a job. why? because i hate them. i am a firm
believer that you have to go through with what you dislike
to make it bearable to yourself, that way you just get
stronger. who knows maybe (ha) i even get a new job which
is cooler than this one.
christ, i have to go to bed. if i see that girl tomorrow on
the train (and i know i won't because serendiptiy always has
a large dildo waiting for me when i try to call upon it), i
will (no i must) ask her, in the most conversational manner
possible if she made it off that fucking train. i don't know
why it seems neurotic, but i really did feel let-down (no
bullshit). i mean i don't know. god i'm fucking tired and
now i KNOW i'm not going to sleep. argh! well atleast i
get 5 bucks tomorrow. maybe i shoudl bet on my superbowl
bet. eh owens is hurt, jesus i'm rambling. ok i'm done.