2004-12-21 02:51:01 (UTC)

Thoughts About Christmas

I've read a few news articles recently which give examples
of bureaucrats who want to avoid the word "Christmas". I
see signs saying "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings"
but few which say "Merry Christmas". This is odd since
Christmas Day is a federal holiday, although I admit I've
never understood why no one has challenged that. I'm sure
that if anyone did they immediately become a target to the
point where their life would be in danger. Wouldn't that be
strange, attacking someone because they didn't want the
government to perpetuate the celebration of the birthday of
the Prince of Peace?

Still, I just ignore this ever growing trend. If someone
gives me one of those generic greetings, I just smile and
wish them a "Merry Christmas!" anyway. When an elementary
school principal told me I couldn't call the "winter
festival" a Christmas program I said I could and would call
it whatever I wished. There's a little something we have in
this country called freedom of speech. It's very like not
letting the commercial aspect of Christmas take over the
spiritual meaning. Ignore what you don't agree with and
keep Christmas in your heart, where it was meant to be.
I wanted to ask for "Oh, Holy Night!" as my favorite hymn in
church yesterday but couldn't find it in the hymnal. I was
told it wasn't in there because it's considered too
difficult a song to sing. I was puzzled by this as the
hymnal contains quite a number of hymns with a wide range
and/or unusual timing. I was disappointed but have made up
for it by singing it to myself throughout the day.

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