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2004-12-21 01:40:38 (UTC)


all i can think about is her i cant help it. It hurt so bad
when she dumped me. I et the whole thing with her grandma
being in the hospital and it bein too much pressure but one
of her best friends told me it was an excuse and so did
evryone else that i talked to about this. Y couldnt she
give me a chance? I love her i cant help it but to think of
her. When i close my eyes shes right there i just want to
be with her so bad. But she probably hates me now for a
reason i have no idea y. I jus wish i had another chance
to be with her i was so fridget with her and i wish i wasnt
at the time maybe if i was different we might still b
together. This hurts so bad and i wish i could make it
stop. I told her i loved her maybe i shouldnt have but that
was the way i felt . Shes the only one ive told that to but
that didnt matter. She hates me now i know she does even if
she says she doesnt or acts like she doesnt i kno she does.
Im really tryin to be herr friend here but i just cant its
way too hard. Shes right maybe i whouldve went with my
first instinct and just be friends but that wouldve hurt
her and i never want to hurt her. She wouldve gotten over
it but i cant no matter what i do ive tried evrything i
cant help it i really really love her so bad. But this sux
ass that she doesnt feel the same way. I wish she would
jus feel the way she used to i know she liked me at a point
in our relationship i know she liked me a whole lot but i
doubt if she ever loved me. Thats it for my first entry.

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