My perfection is blurred
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2004-12-20 22:51:32 (UTC)

Mirrored image

I'd like to say this poem is good, but its really not one
of my favorites. I just wrote it in like 2 minutes,online.
I usually don't write on the computer but for some reason
I felt the need to write. I was inspired by the song Love
you like I do by HIM. Its a good song and I love it. It
works in many ways. And so I wrote, and this is what came
out. It's really not the best,but it means something to me.
--------------------- ------------------- ---------------
Im looking in the mirror and all I see is you
Nothing ever changing
Your smile still bright at me
Your eyes still twinkle as you look me over
Nothing ever changes
When your caught in a mirror
Everything seems so right on the other side
Holding close to what you never wanted to be
Perfection lost inside the window
The window stealing away the light of your life

Im looking in the mirror and all I see is you
The question running rampid
Am I what you see too?

If the mirror that pictures you breaks
Ill pick the pieces up from upon the floor
And hope that one day youll be here again
Smashed and apart,my soul crys
for you
to be here
to not be alone
Put my mirror back
and see my love for you
Im looking in the mirror and all I see is my tear stained


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