2004-12-20 22:04:10 (UTC)

12-20 3:56

whoaaaa look! i'm actually WRITING in this thing..... well
now i'm at the library until my mother gets here whoooooo
joy i know. i saw anna this morning and i started crying -
a little but i didn't see her after school cause mallory
disapeared! :-o! the library is too quiet for me.... i need
music and caffiene or something..... i think i might start
writing in here again when i can - just for grins... well
today was kinda short feeling- 1st period i came halfway
through watched a movie, 2nd period- i passed notes all
period with ashley p, 3rd period- we watched a movie on
shoes! it was kind creepy seeing all those feet! lol, 4th
period- 'i wrote a letter' for finals..... at least i was
supposed to mostly talked to kelsey and adam m., DAY 5
WHOOO!!!! no biology baby!, 6th period- got a pass to the
bathroom and just walked around with rob for half an hour
then took a test :-P, 7th period- got to witness jon jon
beats the crap out of arron or whatever his name is and
*cough* got plans *cough* to do .... pet my dog...... with
ashley :-D no i'm just waiting for my mother to pick me up -
this library is HUGE!!! it has four floors i think and
it's really REALLY quiet.... my typing is getting too loud
so i gotta go ;-) talk to ya on the flip side


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