One death is a tradgedy, a million is a
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2004-12-20 21:48:19 (UTC)

What to tell....what to hide

Well, I'm not sure exactly what to note. Since i highly
doubt anyone will read this. But just incase someone
decides to out of sheer boredom i shall explain some of

Im a 16 going on 17 year old girl. I'm fucked up in almost
everyway imagineable, yet im still here. So i guess theres
still some things that i didn't quite hit the entirely
fucked up level on. Dont worry this isn't going to be a
pitty post site. I completly despise those. But this will
contain some things later on that will be offensive. Be
prepared for it.

If you dont like the shit i write...then leave. If you
choose to read this...awesome i encourage you to comment if
you have questions or want to talk.

"Thinking is a plague, choices are lies, and love is a
broken gift."

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