my life sux
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2004-12-20 17:13:13 (UTC)

Fran's in Jail and mother's in the hospital

Hello DiARY,
fRAN'S IN JAIL were she belongs and she needs to be there
for afew years atleast.
Mother said she could spend 5 yrs in jail for breaking
probabtion though.
It will never happen though.
Fran alwaysgets off easy even when she rips off mother;
mother wants to see her get off easy.
Oh but if it was me she'd want me to rot in jail though.

When I found out mother was in hospital knowonecould pick
up a phone and call me though.
Anne excpects me to go see me mother at the hospital when
Ann gave us bad directions.

no one could tell me what was going on though.
It sems I'm not suppose to know anything that happens with
anyone in my flipping family.