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2004-12-20 12:51:11 (UTC)

Christmas is Coming!

I baked cookies and made candies in the morning before
church. John again had to work but he said he would be
home in time to go to Pastor Ruth's open house in the
afternoon. I've finished most of the cookie making and the
only candy I need to make now are peppermint patties, Hugh's
favorite. I also finished decorating the tree and
decorating the house.

John did indeed get home in time for Pastor Ruth's open
house. I'd never been in the parsonage before. It's an old
house with wooden floors and small rooms with all the walls
painted white. Pastor Ruth likes simple decorating as I do
and has a minimal amount of furniture, as I do. The latter
has turned out well for us as it meant we had places to put
the dresser and drop-leaf table that belonged to John's
great-great grandmother, which otherwise would have been
sold in an estate sale. We saw many of the same faces I'd
just seen at church a few hours before but we also met a few
people from the Shedd church.
I enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree. The boy's first
Christmas ornaments, all made of glass (what was I
thinking!) are safely hanging from the top branches of the
tree. I especially enjoyed seeing the ornaments John and I
made for our first Christmas tree as a married couple--a
chain of wood curls John made and a fabric heart I'd
embroidered. There were ornaments the boys had made through
the years--a clothespin Rudolph, paper snowflakes, little
drawings John had made wooden frames for and ornaments I've
made and collected over the years--wax angels, sheep
ornaments made of wool, silver snowflakes, tiny rosehip
wreaths. It's like seeing old friends I've missed. I love
them all.