Gothic Dark Angel

Gothic Dark Angel
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2004-12-20 06:55:48 (UTC)

dont cross me

The game will begin to be played. I will make him mine. I
will get into his mind and all he will do is think of me.
He will do everything I ask of him. I will tear him apart.
He wont know what will hit him. He thought his ex was
clever, he was wrong I am 10 times more devesice and wiser.
We will see what will happened. He is right,... woman are
not to be trusted, I on the other hand, can be trusted but
dont cross me. Few people have seen me and what happened
when I am betrayed or lied to. I am a different person.
A stalker I am not but betray me, I get even in every way.
I will make that persons life a living hell. They will beg
for me to stop and I will drive then into insanity.
I am good for that. Let's see what he will do next?