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2004-12-20 05:04:04 (UTC)

I'm a photographer!!

19/12/2004 Sunday

Ring!! Ring!! I hate it when the phone rang...
but not this time..
4th Aunt: Hello! Is that my niece?
Me: Hi Aunt! What's up?
4th Aunt: Ok now get ready baby, I'm taking you to Orchard
and 'kill' some pics.
Me: Wow! Cool! Thumbs up for that!
4th Aunt: I'll be there in 3 seconds...

After 3 seconds...

Oh man, those instruments I was taking was as heavy as an
elephant. Digital cameras with ultra-zoom n mega-mega
pixels, giraffe-lengthed tripod stand, & the gigantic

I'm not the one who's in charge of taking photos.. My aunt
was. Me? I'm just the 'ITEMS HOLDER', a nicer name called
the assistant... HA! but it's worth, 'cozz it's Christmas
celebration at downtown Orchard! I heard there was a
christmas parade too!! Yipee!

1..2..3..4..5..remember 5 items, nothing to lose on the
way. We took the bus, then MRT, long way to Orchard
Boulevard City...my favourite place, but too many crowds..
Stepped out of the train, what u saw was heads, heads,
heads.. with dyed hair, or black ones, or blonde ones...I
thought i was like Alan.M. U know this guy from Josie the
pussycats? He's the strong guy who carries all the musical
instruments.. Now I took his job.

What is that? A non-moving Christmas Parade?? The first
time I've heard. The staff told me those beautifully
decorated stuff weren't flexible... not even touch it.. of
course.. but what kind of PARADE is this?

My aunt was a profeesional photographer and video
cameraWoman. So steady, elegantly stand, taking the photos
sharply..I dmired her skills though. Orchard, this place
was like a palace enhanced with glittering & dazzling,
shining & sparkling stuffs here & there..

Oh!I was exhausted, not my body, I was referring to those
HEADS... No choice, it was Christmas. Even those maids(
here we call KAKAK)came out together... you can hear their
loud voices chit-chatting around every corner...

I took so many pics along Orchard Road, Ohh..n with the
great handsome Warrior too. He's the one who acted as the
Great Warrior in the Jesus's Birth story, i mean at the
stalls. I love that story they performed. Got a sense of
humour, not just the spirit of Christmas..

My stomach is beating the drum. But all those restaurants
were filled with HEADS ..again. Aunt pulled me into
McDonald and ate a McChicken. At least that's
something...but that burger will make pimple come out!!!
Hate it!!

Sigh~ it was late night now. At last I can go home, get
out from the crowds. I love the crowds though, but not too
much... or I'll get my HEADache. Look what has HEADS
done.. Before going to bed, I looked into my wallet. ok so
what? i admit I am poor, not with a $2.25...

Sayonara! For today!!

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