Antics of the Young and Random
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2004-12-20 04:30:11 (UTC)

Quotes page two

"Why are you listening to this?"
"... I can't even hear it."
"Oh, you must be a deaf old leprechaun."

MystiStarStealer (9:13:29 PM): DEREKS A HO!!
Baller4life3612 (9:13:36 PM): teehee...
MystiStarStealer (9:13:43 PM): he giggled too!
Baller4life3612 (9:14:00 PM): teehee....
MystiStarStealer (9:14:13 PM): AGAIN WITH THE GIGGLE AHHHHh
EtownPunk04 (9:14:43 PM): *laughs like evil elmo*
XKnightWolfeX (9:14:44 PM): giggling ho!

"Did Trouble just throw something at me? Something just hit
the back of my head! Your cat threw something at me!"

"Did you urinate on yourself?"
"No, I urinated on youu!"

Kenshin7231 (3:06:38 PM): *dissolves*

AstroCancer69 (4:33:40 PM): do i need to stick my booty in
yur face tomorrow?!
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (4:33:43 PM): *crosses eyes* NOOOPE!

MystiStarStealer (9:10:33 PM): ...does alcohol... get
EtownPunk04 (9:10:40 PM): noo

Cariad4ever (9:11:33 PM): doms a big ol' ass hair..

XKnightWolfeX (7:44:46 PM): *kisses kingsley* dont be mad
because you suck honey


MystiStarStealer (9:00:01 PM): honeymoooon for ryan and
XKnightWolfeX (9:00:02 PM): ^_^
XKnightWolfeX (9:00:07 PM): :-(
MystiStarStealer (9:00:15 PM): you get your turn next
MystiStarStealer (9:00:18 PM): dont fret little evee
XKnightWolfeX (9:00:43 PM): im not little
MystiStarStealer (9:00:47 PM): ...fine
MystiStarStealer (9:00:51 PM): you big ol' ass
XKnightWolfeX (9:00:56 PM): my ass is cute
MystiStarStealer (9:00:57 PM): calm down and shu'up

Cariad4ever (12:33:01 PM): 'dont look my nightie might come
up and i have no underwear' 'AHHHHHH'

EtownPunk04 (8:06:47 PM): my question was do you think i
Annoyed Nerd (8:07:00 PM): Yes, we all think you flirt.
Annoyed Nerd (8:07:08 PM): Don't think I didn't see you
checking me out earlier.
MystiStarStealer (8:07:09 PM): ned's an expert on flirting
Annoyed Nerd (8:07:33 PM): Hey, my eyes are up here, buddy.

"Don't walk, hover."

MystiStarStealer (10:45:42 PM): i.............. just
accidentally drooled on ayeka.....
XKnightWolfeX (10:46:02 PM): lmao
EtownPunk04 (10:46:16 PM): nice
MystiStarStealer (10:46:20 PM): lol
MystiStarStealer (10:46:45 PM): i leaned down to pet her
and my mouth was open cuz i was talking to her and it just
MystiStarStealer (10:48:15 PM): and then, laughing
hysterically, i tried to rub it off and sorta just rubbed
it around.....
EtownPunk04 (10:48:16 PM): eww
EtownPunk04 (10:48:24 PM): don't ever talk to me
MystiStarStealer (10:48:25 PM): and she just sat there
being all cute still
XKnightWolfeX (10:49:24 PM): lol
XKnightWolfeX (10:50:41 PM): i made a play doh vagina
MystiStarStealer (10:51:52
PM): ...................................

Cariad4ever (2:20:19 PM): you can look like a jar of jelly
Kenshin7231 (2:20:45 PM): yes..and my weakness would be to
be eaten
Kenshin7231 (2:20:49 PM): eat me to defeat me!

XKnightWolfeX (8:30:52 PM): thats why we must make it not
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (8:31:06 PM): *eggs that internet house*
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (8:31:18 PM): .....................
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (8:31:21 PM): this sucks

XKnightWolfeX (3:09:25 PM): elmo is my secret closet lover
XKnightWolfeX (3:09:38 PM): when the world is in distress
XKnightWolfeX (3:09:42 PM): and no one is around to save it
XKnightWolfeX (3:09:47 PM): and all the people of the world
will perish
XKnightWolfeX (3:09:52 PM): i will be in the closet with

Eva-chan no baka yaru mesuinu

eva-chan shiwa or yoseru tsuyoi penisu- eva blows penises
XKnightWolfeX (5:13:10 PM): i do NOT blow penisssssss

MystiStarStealer (1:37:03 PM): evas not wearing pants -_-
GandalfWhi (1:37:13 PM): really...

"Everytime somebody sees my face, a small part of them

"everywhere i go...they're there haunting me...im gonna
take my photoshop and run off into the sunset!"

Cariad4ever (1:53:44 AM): well...no one knows of my sexual
molestation of the bananna named fargo
Cariad4ever (1:53:47 AM): :x
Cariad4ever (1:53:49 AM): er..
Cariad4ever (1:53:57 AM): *self destructs*
Cariad4ever (1:59:29 AM): i wonder if im ever gonna have to
wear dentures
Cariad4ever (2:00:10 AM): i am Jacko
MystiStarStealer signed off at 2:00:14 AM.

XKnightWolfeX (10:38:45 PM): i think you raped yourself
with pen that you named george the unstoppable orgasm giver
and the whole time you went 'tee hee stop that george!
SonOfTarantino (10:39:40 PM): you got raped by baseball bat
and you nicknamed jailhouse joe
MystiStarStealer (10:39:55 PM): THAT SUCKED
MystiStarStealer (10:39:57 PM): SO MUCH ASS

XKnightWolfeX (5:52:35 PM): ok so who else goes on this list
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (5:52:53 PM): *giberishes and spits on a

GrotesqueWorld: have u eva seen ur momma on speed

XKnightWolfeX (6:17:46 PM): he killed all my relatives!
XKnightWolfeX (6:17:54 PM): except for one..
XKnightWolfeX (6:18:23 PM): what kinda bs is that..
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (6:18:51 PM): i dunno
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (6:18:52 PM): but..
MyStiStaRsTEaLEr (6:18:55 PM): *bark*

"Well, at least I don't have to have sex with him. He might
squash me with his almighty arrogance!"

WyzeA (5:49:18 PM): who is punk?
MystiStarStealer (5:49:31 PM): a person
MystiStarStealer (5:49:33 PM): LOL
WyzeA (5:49:39 PM): grrrrrrrrrrr
MystiStarStealer (5:49:40 PM): her name is jilly
MystiStarStealer (5:49:45 PM): LMFAO
WyzeA (5:49:47 PM): hi jilly
Cariad4ever (5:49:56 PM): LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
MystiStarStealer (5:50:06 PM): i cant stop laughing
Cariad4ever (5:50:09 PM): me either
MystiStarStealer (5:50:15 PM): it got so much better when
she said hi jilly to him

"Hey! Here is YOMAMA, the wanted man!"

"Good morning, Crap."

"Hey! Asshole! Let go of my leg before I piss on you!"

MonkeyMckyms (11:51:25 AM): hi jess's grandma!!!!!
Cariad4ever (11:51:29 AM): HI GIM
Cariad4ever (11:51:32 AM): HIM
Cariad4ever (11:51:34 AM): GIM*
Cariad4ever (11:51:37 AM): gimg img gimgimg

"Hi Jerry. My name is Eva Marie I'm engaged to marry my
step brother Bobby Joe . We've been engaged for a little
over a year. But now I find out that my best friend
Jessiebelle has been fucking sleeping with him for 2 years!
I can't believe this bitch! She said that he wants her and
claims I'm some sort of fuckin crackwhore!Today we fought
over who was going to fuck him first! I'm sick of it! He
told me he just wanted her for sex. He's still sleeping
with her and now it turns out she's 6 1/2 months pregnant
with his kid!Me and Bobby Joe have already got a 2 year old
girl and I'm 7 months pregnant with his kid. But that's not
all Jerry oh no it isn't...Bobby Joe said to my momma that
he's sleeping with our little sister Stephanie! It's a
goddang wonder she ain't pregnant too!"