2004-12-19 22:58:34 (UTC)

um..okay??e-mail me people!

today is wierd...ive been sick for the longest ex
is playing games w/ me..he doesnt think i know, but i do,
im NOT THAT STUPID!anyway..i just talked 2 krista and shes
having a hard time at home, her mom isnt very nice and i
told krista shes welcome to live with me.anywho..pat and i
were speaking in olde english.tis fun! other
online journal is gay and doesnt like to work when im using
it at anyone wanna chat?e-mail me at
[email protected] or [email protected] well
not much has happened..i went 2 church this morning and our
youth group is setting up a day to watch cool movies at
janets house.hmm...x-mas is coming up soon!well illw rite

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