Used n Abused
2004-12-19 21:37:45 (UTC)

la de da

Hello im back again. I always stop typing in here for the
longest. nothing much has happened im still going with
Jesse but now im going with someone else too. =-( and i
don't know how to break it off with the other one. i
haven't seen them only once so its just talking on the
phone. But if i break up with them for no reason i know he
will talk bad about me. I haven't said or done anything for
him to talk bad about me .. but still i dunoo what i should
do. So whoever reads this give me some reasons i can tell
him why im breaking up with him. hes older than me hes
likke 23 ? im only 16.. so maybe someone can help me. I
dunno im clueless. but yea. i dunno im so bored its unreal
i dont know what to doo. my family except for me and mom
went to the mall to do christmas shoppping so. I should of
went but i wanted to i get to be bored all day .
thats ok. but yea. I need to think of a good diet to go on.
I've gained so much weight its not cool... after christmas
im gonna start taking my diet/herbal pills again . Might
help me some. FOOOD ISSSS VERYYY EVIL .=-/ LOL i cant wait
till january mom has to go down to houston for the doctor
and i'll get to go stay with my cousin!!!!
a I MISS HER SOOO BADDD I haven't seen her since
halloween .omg shes calling right now brb byeeee