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2004-12-19 20:25:16 (UTC)

Day One

This is (almost) the start of a brand new year and what
have I done? Nothing. I have no career, no boyfriend,

So, I have resolved to keep a diary and then, perhaps, my
life in some sort of order.

For 21 years I have slaved away at school (so that I could
get a job) then a job (in order to pay my bills).

What, please, is the point of that?

My first step in achieving the ultimate goal (getting a
boyfriend) is to actually look human because at this
moment, I am wearing my scruffy pjamas, my hair (which I
washed last night but didn't dry) looks like a lion's mane
and I was up until 2am this morning finishing my work so
even now, at 10am, I am still in sleepy-zombie mode.

At least, I have holidays soon.

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