just 1 of many
2004-12-19 16:04:11 (UTC)

i jus wana cry!

im not even sure y i wana cry, i jus du...its sorta wiv
leavein skool soon an its reli bin sinkin in recently, i
reli am guna miss ppl! i no i wont keep in touch properly,
i reli du want 2 but no1 eva dus! iv wasted so much time
wiv them, not makin the most of it, i hav neva bin happy
round them as much as i cud av 2 make it gud...if that made
sense!...i shud av dun so much diferently! an ther r things
i reli wana sey 2 sum ppl but i cant! i shud but i jus dont
want 2 ruin the lil nit of slight happyness iv made wiv

its sorta family gettin me down 2, ther all fine...well
part from chrises leg, its onli badly sprained they found
out now tho...but i jus get sad wiv the lil things, like
wot they sey 2 each utha an how they treat each utha, its
not that bad its jus the lil things...its hard 2 xplain cos
it dusnt even make sense 2 me!...

i reli wish i cud jus find sumfin reli gud 2 hold on 2 an
sum1 that cud make everyfin beta...but i duno if i even
deserve that.....

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