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2004-12-19 06:35:12 (UTC)

Mono Still Sucks

So I THOUGHT i was over mono and back to normal but nope,
my symptoms are back again and i am miserable. All i want
to do is sleep. I swear i could sleep for days and still
be tired. I was laying in bed with Sean watching a movie
and i fell asleep. I did that a few times. I felt bad cuz
i know that it's boring for him for me to be sleeping all
the time. Honestly, i actually like laying in bed with him
and just sleeping and relaxing. It's the greatest feeling
ever. But thats just me...
So anyways, wow, the snow is so bad outside! Sean just
left my house and i am so worried about him! I don't want
him to end up in a ditch or something or worse! Oh God!
Ok, no, i'm not gonna worry. Sean is a safe driver
(sometimes) and i'm sure he'll get home safely...I hope.
Oh good!!!! He got online just now!! Thank God!!!
So yeah tomorrow is gonna suck so bad. Sean works all day
tomm and i have to go to my grandmas house for Christmas.
Heck she's not even my real grandma, she's my step-dad's
mom, or something like that. She's still a sweetheart and
i love her but ugh, it's so boring over there! We went
over there for thanksgiving and Sean went with us. I felt
sorry for him. He had to be a part of all the boredom too.
lol, oops. Sorry Sean!
Ok, well, i'm gonna go. Bye Bye!!

I love you Sean!!!