MiAnna: Perfection
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2004-12-19 05:02:31 (UTC)

i hate food

gosh today we made cookies. a traditional thing. but yea i
ate so much junk. i fell like puking but i kno i cant do
that cuz then i will have to confess to my counselor. O
but it would feel so good. its a hard thing to
understand. i really want to right now. yea but im trying
to resist. lol yea, weird writing it down cuz u never
think one day u will want to get sick. anyways i gotta
slim down. and i guess i can say today was the last day of
eating. huh.

so im boyfriendless and its sucks like bad. lol. yea i
really want a bf. jus a good guy this time around.

yea, so my parents already started this vac. off bad. last
night, gosh i cant believe that i have to live with them
all the time for two weeks. i hate it. they are so
controling. i havent been out in months, i cant drive, my
cell is gone and it sucks. (im 17 if ur wondering) and the
worst part is i kill myself getting good grades, all the
extra curr. sports (i luve tennis) and getting myself ready
for college. i do more to prepare for the future than they
do and they tell me that i am immature. they r in ways the
worst parents. they dont plan for anything from school to
me dating. they think im going to start dating in
college. they need to grow up and let go as much as they
say i need to.


hunger hurts but starving works...


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