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2004-12-19 04:21:15 (UTC)


Well today I didn't do much. I hung out with Allysa and
Steve over at Allysa's house. Allysa is so awsome, but she
can really piss me off sometimes! Like, today, she was
like "Yeah Steve, Mary has the hots for you," and stuff.
That is complete bullshit! I'm not sure if Steve knew that
she was lying or not, but I'll just tell him on Monday at
school to make sure. While we were there, we watched Van
Helsing. God, that movie sucks! Steve liked it, but the
plot line didn't make any sence at all! Well, tomorow, Dad
is going to take Mom and I into Boston so we can go
shopping. I really need a new pair of leather pants...

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