taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-12-18 23:26:12 (UTC)

Codename: Spirit

This season is so full of shit. Everyone always says that
Christmas is about family and friends, and getting
together, and the birth of some stupid figure-head, but
it's all a load of horse shit. If Christmas is about all
of those things, then why does everyone max out their
credit cards and empty their wallets on the doorsteps of
retail outlets far and wide? Because the true meaning of
Christmas is consumption. Period. Consumption disguised
as "spirit". Christmas "Spirit". Bask in the spirit of
Christmas. The atmosphere in this mall is making me wet.
Can you feel the spirit?

And this "spirit" is there for a long time, there is
spitit run-off the following day. Boxing Day, what the
fuck is that. What's the reasoning behind this holiest of
holy days? Was enough shit not purchased in the 49 days
leading up to this god forseaken consumerism orgasm? Guess
not. Well at least with this day you can return all the
defective shit and shit you don't want for better shit.
I've gotta hand it to the man, making cold-hard capitalism
look and feel so heart-warming. Ingenius (sp).

No..... No!.. argrgghh.... *explatives* I'll never swallow
thes..pills... arh... ...... ...... ..... submission.

"Sir, citizen #28992373434 is back in line."

"Excellent. Ho Ho Ho Ho..."