The life of one screwed up bitch
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2004-12-18 23:18:47 (UTC)


Today I went to work and I looked at the sech. to see when
I got off and it said 4:00, so that ment I worked from 8-
4:00 and I got so pissed bc I didn't know if my knees would
be able to take that much standing but I guess they did but
anyway I almost started crying for now fucking reason!! I
hate it, I cry and there is no reason and then I get mad at
myself for crying for no reason and then I get really
depressed and shit it isn't very fun. I really don't care
though I mean what do I matter? Who cares if I cry or if I
get down on my self bout stuff? No one, bc no one has to,
and bc no one cares. I'm really depressed right now for a
reason I don't know of. I found out that I can move in
with someone on monday but I turned it down bc I don't
think my boy friend really wants me to move out yet and my
cousin thinks I should wait until I can move out w her.
But I don't know if I want to wait everything considered.
The other reason why I turned it down is bc I don't have
anything packed and bc I want to spend ch with my family.
I am mad at my mom and I want to move out but I don't know
if I can just leave like this. I mean I owe her something
right?? IDK I'm to depressed to think. Alex might be
grounded for another day bc he called a friend (will) about
something w his computer. I really don't care if Al is
grounded another day or not bc I just don't know why I
don't care. I probably should care but I don't Anyway Al
said he was going to call me some time tonight again so I
should maybe get off line. bye KHH.