maddie and becca

the renie story
2004-12-18 21:10:30 (UTC)

Chapter Sixteen

3 July 2004

Dearest Darling Irene,

I miss you more than words can express. When will you
return to me?
I have enclosed my farewell gift: a large slab of
chocolate in the shape of pi. It was unfortunate that what
could have been a passionate goodbye for us was not to be.
However, it was rather lucky that Ms. Murphy arrived just
in time to prevent Maddie from strangling me (although I
assure you that I had EVERYTHING under control). And I
have that beautiful picture of the two of us together than
Ms. Murphy insisted on taking. It is rather a pity about
your grimace, but I understand that you didn't want to
explain to your friends about US so soon, and so pretended
to be disgusted.
Please, write back to me. I will await your letter as I
dwell, hermit-like, in my basement over a protracter.
I love you.
Your beloved,

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