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2004-12-18 20:19:14 (UTC)

Boredom Taking Over ahh!!!

I hate those days when there can be so much that you can
do but you are to lazy to do it and you are so bored that
you but you don't wanna do anything. I that made any sense
then to you then wow you are fluent in babble.

I'm bored so I'm just gonna write complete ranting
nonsense on this page. I love Linkin Park they are so
awesome!!! OMGosh I have this stupid song, well maybe it's
not stupid but it is if it won't leave my head. The song
Ashanti - Only You is stuck in my head. And the only
reason it is, is because of that really low bass part
thing right after she finishes talking. It sounds so
awesome!!! I wish my school's concert band's bass section
could sound like that. We have a sucky section right now
not that they play bad (some of them might) but we just
don't have enough. And maybe some more strings would be
nice. I should join an orchestra or something. I wanna
play soccer but my parents won't let me. They are tired of

dum, dum, dum dum dum dum, dum, dum, dum, ooh I can't wait
to get next to you, oh I just can't leave you alone, boy
you got me doing things that I would never do, and I can't
stop the way I'm feeling if I wanted to , I'm crazy about
the way that you could make me say your name, and if I
couldn't have you I would prob'ly go insane. chorus. lol
I'm crazy.

Can I get a... what what

lalalalala omgoshness this song sounds hilarious.
Skindred - Nobody its like a jamacian guy rapping to rock
music. Hilarious but I still love it. lol
you know rucous(rukus?rucus?ruckous?IDK) however you spell
it is a funny word.lalala

I should probably do my hw.

hmm well write l8er. muahahahaa the black shadow. I should
rename that. Something with vamp in it hmmm...

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