Inside Out
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2004-12-18 19:44:41 (UTC)

Judging myself

I judge myself on a daily basis because of the way I feel.
Is it wrong to have such intense anger after 15 years of
constant verbal abuse and fighting?
I try to be selfless and turn the other cheek but my hate,
and bitterness swells like a thunder storm.
Why should I always compromise my feelings so that there
may not be another fight?
Silence kills the soul and makes a sane man mad!
So why judge myself?
For the soul sake that I don't want to fail and be viewed
as such.
For the soul sake that my kid's are being tormented by all
of the bitter, hateful feelings on both ends.
For the soul sake that I am human and it is only a human
thing to do.
That is why I guess!!!