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2004-12-18 19:42:58 (UTC)

RAYS DAY 12/18/04 2:36 P.M.

i just got bak from my bball game we lost i 4got the score
thou all i remember is that i felt like i was gunna puke
the whole time!! it was so fun!!jk.the golden child is
babysitting marisa and olivia (lucky bitch)i havent seen
them in 4ever they used 2 live nextdoor but the moved.its
wierd i have 5 houses on my whole street and 3 moved in
less then a year!! i miss them and 2 make things even
worste the burks r coming over 2day and beth(golden child)
is going 2 sit in her room and avoid everything while im
stuck with liam!!FUN!!jk he is soo annoying sometimes. o
well g2g im nopt even supposed 2 me on!!lol!!im soo annoyed
by everything rite now.ill write more mayb later.

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