DayDream Believer
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2004-12-18 16:16:21 (UTC)

Worse and worse and worse

Things are just getting worse and worse with my father. Lat
night the police had to come, first he locked my mother and
Karoline out from the house. He had been really nice all
day, then probably started drinking, they wisited Gracie
and when they came back they could not get inside. I called
him and made he open for the, as my mother talked to the
police. I understand partly why he was angry with the, its
a monny issue most of all. Then Karoline called me agen,
frightend, and Karoline is among the tuoght and not
frightned kind. My mother had been smoking down stares
Karoline went upstareds, she wanted to turn the ligh on,
cause it was off, but our father refuesd her to, and she
could see he had a kitchen knife!
They went out of the house agen, to my grand mother, she
lives in the house next door, we own it as it belongs to
the farm. One of our great nighbour came to loof afther
them hile they was waiting for the police to come. They
came and took him cause hes been acting threatning. Theres
more but I have to go now.

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