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2004-12-18 05:00:52 (UTC)

Behind My Smile 12/17/04

Behind My Smile

I’m in a prison I can’t escape,
Battling my own nightmares,
And it’s pretty clear to me,
That no-one even cares,
I’m sat in the darkness,
In the corner of my mind,
And all I can think of is,
There is no reality to find,
I’ve reached my breaking point,
And my head is in my hands,
My limp hair touching the floor,
No life in the dark strands,
All I hear are my own words,
My own visions of hell,
I feel that my soul is leaving my body,
Leaving this empty shell,
I’m alone and no one knows,
But through these times, all the while,
I am still trapped,
Trapped behind my smile.

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