Nick's Journal
2004-12-18 03:44:40 (UTC)

Can't YOU see?

here i am writing my 400th some journal entry. i have been
taking the time to just randomly select entries along the
years and i've realized something, although i've grown, i
haven't matured. i still sit here in front of this screen
with all my new experiences and tribulations as the same
person who first wrote to you from an unspecified date a
while back.
what's the deal with me?
well, as of late, i forgot to close the fucking stall door
in the restroom. kinda said really cos i can't blame it on
drugs or alcohol. there i am with the seat protector
feverishly fitted upon the toilet bowl, with my anus
hovering above and delivering a pouding. as i sit there
enjoying the punishment i look up and see to my utter
chagrin that the stall-door is still spralled-open. ouch.
so there i am dropping bombs like vietnam and i have to
choose a 2 second interval to step up and lock the fucking
door. i swear during those few seconds if i hadn't had my
pants around my ankles i would have peppered them full. i
waited for the first wave to subside then i sidestepped over
and locked the stall. phewwwwwwwww.
can't blame that one on pot.
can't you see?
so here i am 23 years old now and no more mature than i was
when i started this. i take this as a great compliment. i
figure if the great big black female jew (travel south to
kick my ass for that one) in the sky hasn't delivered a
complete psychiatric overall on my part by this time then it
just means that how i'm acting is the way i SHOULD be acting
for the rest of my life. golden.
i've read through my life in this journal and it actually
sounds interesting, partially cos it was and partially
because i'm a good writer. very simply i embellish on
subjects but i never lie, the underlying premises still lies
within. lately i've been writing about work, this of course
gets me in trouble in the office, but for sake of full
disclosure i'm like a fucking ummmmmmmm. well, i'm like a
corporation should be. he, disregard how i ended that
sentence. oh yeah, the interview jockey today asked me if i
had good grammar..........i said, "i be average."
seriously. i think i made that split in his teeth grow.
JAY-Z: LUCIFER # 666 on my play-list. ouch. :-) synchroncity!