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2004-12-18 02:22:04 (UTC)

Chat Logs

[06:09:46 PM] ~keaton~: haha i was talking 2 ashley in
spanish... it was fun
[06:09:56 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: very
[06:10:02 PM] ~keaton~: b/c i was cheating
[06:10:03 PM] ~keaton~: lol
[06:10:10 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: lol
[06:10:21 PM] ~keaton~: traductor
[06:10:34 PM] ~keaton~: era mismo diversión
[06:11:06 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: mismo doesn't make sense in
that sentence
[06:11:17 PM] ~keaton~: no del oh, ningún usted va a
comenzar a mecanografiar en español... oh querido
[06:11:21 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: but it says with out that word
my diversion
[06:11:34 PM] ~keaton~: i meant to say it was fun
[06:11:40 PM] ~keaton~: but the stupid translator got it
[06:11:41 PM] ~keaton~: lol
[06:11:45 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: era divertido
[06:12:11 PM] ~keaton~: cool
[06:12:12 PM] ~keaton~: gracias
[06:12:12 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: no of are you gonna start
_______en spanish ... oh love
[06:12:21 PM] ~keaton~: lol
[06:12:29 PM] ~keaton~: thats definately not what i meant
[06:12:30 PM] ~keaton~: lol
[06:12:34 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: lol
[06:12:37 PM] ~keaton~: ok i'll stop using the dumb
[06:12:40 PM] (li)(6):[Vam: yeah

people need to learn spanish..... jk then they make me
look bad. LOL

P.S. Rebecca this is to get back at you for putting me in
your diary. LOL Rebecca stole the cookie from the cookie
jar. I tell you she did. And I'm so right

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