T.L[ha! in my world}
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2004-12-18 01:13:54 (UTC)


Hey Everyone...I'm starting an online diary because I feel
like it and all the people I know have one. And so,The
recording of my life begins...not much to tell so far,
just your average day today , I mean nothing special Exept
guess I'm feeling kind of tired and confused.Oh! and also
i have that 80's song stuck in my head called Tainted Love
hence, the title of this entry , hmmm...maybe its because
it fits with my mood! I thinks its because i'm thinkin
alot about guys lately, just the way they are and how they
confuse me if you really want to know, its just, their so
hard to read!maybe its me. I think I tend to obsess over
peoples mannerisms...I'm not gonna pour out my heart or
anything here cuz of certain people but one day when I
feel like it I'll tell the whole story about my love
life.But for now I'll just think about it.
gonna watch a movie with my family :)

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