Diary of a Slave Boy (18 )
2004-12-18 00:53:27 (UTC)

Fifth Day; Torture

Today started as always. Woken, washed and shaved, slipped
into the suit again, with the mask this time. At this
point the man who i assume was from yesterday came back
into the room, putting something on the floor i was later
to find out was a machine. He forced his hard cock into my
mouth, which i gagged at but sucked on hungrily, lashing
the underside with my tongue, trying to make him cum
quickly so i could breathe again. It took too long, even
blinded i felt things go black, but he came just in time,
spraying cum down my throat. He pulled out and i gasped
for air, my head spinning, felt like it was going to
explode from the lack of oxygen.

While i was dizzy like this, he sat me on the machine. It
was in a dome shape, and i felt something go inside me,
squealing at it. The machine was fixed to steel plates,
which i was shackled to, making it impossible for me to
even move. Then he wrapped something around my balls,
tying it tight and clipping them to something in the dome,
proceeding to clamp something over my cock. My knees and
feet where on the floor, my elbows and wrists pinned
against the walls, shackled there tightly.

This is when i heard a flick, then suddenly the thing in
my rear began to thrust, hard, and it didnt feel small
either. I then felt the things around my cock and balls
constrict, tightening like a vacuum around them and
vibrating harshly.

I was left like this for hours, for the rest of the day
before it was switched off and i was undressed, but not
before i was forced to drink up all the cum from a days
worth of orgasms and all the times i'd wet myself because
of the non stop stimulation. I am now writing this after
being bathed, such a torturous day it made me feel ill,
sick, and both my cock and bum are very sore. But, for
now, i must sleep as i am yet again exhausted.

Goodnight, diary.