the strange
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2004-12-17 13:44:07 (UTC)

my boring ass life

so a diary ay....yeah holidays get boring so i thought id
write down what i do so i dont forget in some drunken
nah im good today was nothingness though, played drums for
a bit and considered putting my foot through my bass drum
in hopes of a new kit for christmas but realised i couldnt
last the week.
ashley hasn't called me. ashley is my boyfriend, yes, i
realise he has a girls name but shit happens....yeah i duno
he's been weird. but i love him lol

todays poem..

tear him away
no logical negotiation
acid rain eyes
a blinded situation

merciless steel forces
so im better off alone
we seem so puerile to you
but inside we're grown

dont protect me any longer
it isnt freedom to be a whoar
just cause you were never loved
shatter us to the core

you think im just naive
cause we're untouched by your malicious shove
you tried to slaughter our hearts
cause we said that we're in love

too young you say
theyre too young to know what they feel
too immature you whisper
but what i feel is real

mother how could you
dont sentence us to your loneliness
formidable lies of black broken souls
but together we'll get through this

please dont destroy us
although you'll never know what of
torn hearts can slowly kill
so dont say i dont know love

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