Living Out Loud
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2004-12-17 11:33:25 (UTC)

FUCK Bush!!

FUCK Bush and FUCK his STUPID war in Iraq!!! I'm so upset
right now. I just found out Zack is scheduled to go to Iraq
next summer, which really upsets me. Oh, I don't want him
to go. It's so dangerous and I'm so afraid that he'll be
hurt. We talked last night online, for the first time in a
long time. OK, not a super long time, but long enough. I
really do miss having him around for a friend.
So I don't really know why but I was a little mad at him
before we talked last night. Perhaps because the last time
we talked he was a little bit dismissive and distracted. He
never has much to really say. He doesn't really talk about
himself or what's going on in his life that much -- I have
to drag it out of him. It's like pulling teeth. But he did
say something last night that made me totally melt (again).
I'm really bad with that. I melt at everything remotely
Sunflash GT: You should see it you would like it. I watched
a movie last night with an actress that reminds me of you
and I could barly keep from crying since i was with kim and
not you.
NDBassBabe17: what movie?
Sunflash GT: Triggermen
I've never heard of the movie before but I obv have to
watch it now. I wonder which actress he was referring to,
and if I'll think she's like me at all. Sometimes I'm
afraid that he has this image built up of what he thinks I
am and me in reality is nothing like it. And when we
actually meet in person again he's going to be terribly
disappointed. And I hate disappointing people, especially
people I really care about.

But shit, I have GOT to get going on this paper. Later...

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