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2004-12-17 06:38:37 (UTC)

My first entry

Well, I actually have a diary at opendiary.com, but this
one is so that none of my friends can see this.
So, today was going okay I guess, at least it was great
when me and my friends were playing Ghost Recon:) Me and
Jennifer were getting shot at repeatedly, which Jason and
Dennis thought was funny. It was, but dang, after the
third time, that's enough. We went to get some dinner and
guess who shows up...Dennis's girlfriend Maggie. There is
so much to say about these two people, jeez, I don't know
where to begin, but I'll write about all that later.
Anyways, oooohhhh I just don't see what he sees in her,
seriously, she treated him like shit for so long and he's
like, "but we've been through so much together, I just
can't stop seeing her. I think I'm in love with her." Boy
oh boy, does he have it bad. Seriously, I don't see it.
And I don't know why I like him so much, I swear he was
getting a kick out of me feeling uncomfortable, while they
were all over each other. What does she get him for
Christmas!?! PEEPS! Christmas tree PEEPS. Those are good
but I got him a lighter that he wanted so much, then he
freakin gives it back cause its falling apart or
something. It really wasn't falling apart, looks fine to
me, I think he did it because she probably told him to
give it back. I have given a lot to him in such a short
time, I get nothing in return. I don't know why I take all
this bullshit, and I think he likes how she's all touchy
feely with him too. He gave me his knife, which I thought
meant something, but now I'm starting to wonder... He got
her a Pooh Snowglobe, which is a much proper gift to
give. Really my life is so sad and depressing, I have
only a little bit of friends and I don't even know how to
talk to them! Something is seriously wrong with me...I
just wish he would look at me the same way he looks at
her. There's so much more I could write on here too, you
won't even believe. I'm just glad I started this journal
so I could vent, knowing that none of them are reading
this. So if you want to leave any comments, I'd be happy
to read them:) Bye for now, while I go hit the wall or do
something that will hurt.

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