This is my pathetic life.
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2004-12-17 04:56:08 (UTC)

I Don't Wanna Stop by: Good Charlotte

I don't Wanna Stop By Good Charlotte
"All these games you play, they're messin with my head
(messin with my head)
I don't know why I stay, I should leave instead (I should
leave insead)
When I speak from my heart, you laugh like it's a game
(this ain't no game)
Yeah, we'd make good friends, but it just isn't the same
And I know this is not they way it should be
And I know you treat him like me
But I don't, I don't wanna stop. I don't wanna stop.
Now I don't need you to buy me pretty things (you don't
need to pay for me)
Pay for my tattoos or buy me diamond rings (we don't want
those things)
All I know is that I'm happy to see you smile (I want to
see you smile)
And it'd mmake my day if you'd just stay here a while (stay
with me)
Chorus: This has gone on way too long
And I am tired of movin on......."

Wow, this really made me think! ~Lindsay~

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