Diary of a sexual Nympho
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2004-12-17 01:58:34 (UTC)

No is a hard word to say

S came around last night. I have a bit of history with S
but havent seen him for awhile. it was getting late and I
wanted to go to bed so I asked him to leave. But he
didnt. So I said he could stay on 2 conditions that he let
me sleep and that he didnt touch me. Maybe it was my own
stupid fault for letting him stay. I woke up about 2am It
took about 2 minutes for me to register that he was inside
of me, I was tired and didnt think and told him I couldnt
do it and to get off. Maybe I should have asked him to
leave then but I wasnt thinking. I woke up in the morning
to him putting his finger inside of me. I told him no once
i think but i didnt have the strenth to resist and he had
sex with me. evrey time I think of him I want to vomit.

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