I Thought She Loved Me
2004-12-16 20:32:12 (UTC)

Hearts Heal

So the other day I came through and was flipping out
something serious. I guess because I felt as if my heart
was being broken. And I guess SHE doesn't understand how
I'm feeling, but she has no idea what I feel for her. No
matter how many females come and go or who says or does
what or how much I love anybody on this whole planet, no
love will ever compare to the love I have for her. And no
other person will ever compare to her. I'm in this
relationship right now and shawty is the exact opposite of
me. I mean, seriously I don't even know how her and I ended
up together because we're nothing alike, we don't really
like the same things, and as far as my type, she's most
definitely not it. But I guess that's the exact reason why
I'm with her. I don't want to spend the next year and a
half to two years alone. And I want to be with HER, but she
doesn't want to be with me right now. So its like I'm just
in this to kill time until my baby is ready for me. She is
like, the best girlfriend a girl could have. She's a damn
good friend and she's loyal and honest and she's just
amazing. So yeah, there's some distance, but I don't care
anymore. All I want is her anywayz and nobody would ever
fill the void that would be in my heart if she ever left
me. She is so amazing and beautiful.

The other day she sent me this pic of her with a towel over
her head and covering her tataz and I almost fainted. I was
glued to the computer screen. I was like OMG!!! I love her
body and I love the way she talks and the way she expresses
herself. She's my angel and I'd be so lost without her. I
miss her and I dream about her and our life together. I
don't know what I'd do without her. I love her so much and
the other night I sat and cried mah eyes out telling my
little sister how much I love this female. She is
everything I've ever wanted or needed and anything she
doesn't know, I'll teach her. I'll spend the rest of my
life giving her all the love she deserves. Nobody else will
ever get my heart like she has it. I just hope she knows
that everything she does is appreciated and she is very
much appreciated. I just love her and I hope she knows how
deep it flows.

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