Diary of a sexual Nympho
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2004-12-16 08:52:44 (UTC)

To touch the untouched; the seduction of a virgin

The lastest fetish I have had has been for vigins. I met J
(yr 12 18yrs old) on the internet, we chatted a few times
before we arranged meet up for a drink. I arrived at the
bar we where due to meet at quite nervous of what to expect
(i had no idea J was a virgin at this stage). I spotted him
at the bar and went over quite relieved that he was a
cutie, we had a chat and a few drinks, i felt myself get
quite wet when j was asked for ID by the barman.

We then came back to my house, where i planned to suduce
him, for a coffee. I could tell he was nervous. He was
shaking so much he almost dropped his coffee. I asked him
if he was any good at massages and he replied that he had
never given one so i led him by the hand to my bedroom
where I took off my top left on my bra and lied down on the
bed. J then straddled my back and begun to rub my back. I
could tell this was the first time touching a women. I
could almost hear his heart beat as he ran his hands down
the small of my back. I moaned gently and told him he had
great hands and was making me wet. I let him run his hands
over my curves exploring my body.

I then sat up and pushed him onto the bed and removed his
shirt. I lent my head down and kissed him on the lips, he
kissed me back akwadly. I guessed that this was also his
first kiss. I then asked him to lie on his stomach so i
could return the favour of a massage. I removed my jeans
to reveal my lacy underwear. I then stradled his back and
begun to run my hands all over his body, down his back and
just above the pubic hair line. I started to unbutton his
pants and then took them off removing his boxers. I could
now see how hard, and huge, he was. I almost came there and
then thinking how I would be the first women ever to have
sex with him, and how he would always remember me.

I then removed by bra revealing my well developed round
breasts. I brought his hands up to them and let him touch
them. I then stood him up and kissed him on the lips and
then nibbled around his neck and down to his cheast, and
kissed a path down his snail trail until I came to his
manhood, never before touched by a girl. I stroked just
underneath his balls, he held his breath as i took his dick
into my mouth. I started licking and kissing it to start
of with then i gently started to suck it. It was all to
much for j cos he then blew in my mouth, and to please him
I drunk it all, evrey last drop.

I told him he wouldnt get away that easily and sat on the
couch and spread my legs. I pulled my pants to one side.
I didnt even have to ask him. Like a flash he was between
my legs. He started on my thighs and worked his was up
with his hands. He slowly circled my pussy before gently
pushing his finger in and out of my hole as hard as he
could. I had a thin lined shaved, leading J to his
playground. His tounge slid up my thigh, he licked and
nibbled gently, biting and pulling my flesh. He lifted my
leg over his shoulder giving him complete access. J
circled his tounge around my clit. He buried his mouth
back inside of me then withdrew and punded his tounge back
inside again and again causing me to cry out. My pussy
quived against his tounge as a wave of orgasm passed
through me

I sat J down on the couch and took my pants off and
straddled him. I slowly lowered my body until the tip of
his dick was just touching my pussy. He grabbed my hips and
slamed his dick so far into me it made me cry out. He
fucked me deep and direct, my breasts slapping against his
face. I pumped against him until I could no longer hold
back. He pulled back back and watched my cum ooze out
around his staff. We gyrated for several minutes.

After composing ourselves, we kissed again J commanded I
face the wall. So i put my hands on the wall and spread my
legs and cocked my arse up, pressing my face against the
wall. My pussy was still on fire and need to be relieved
again. With one plunge he was deep inside of me. I moved
and braced my self on the edge of the couch. J pulled out,
then slammed bakc in He moved against me like a piston.
His thighs slapping against my ass. Faster and faster
making evrey stroke count. He reached his hand around
putting his index finger on my hard clit and worked me like
a pro. We moaned as ripples of orgasms captured both our
bodies. We where both hot and sweaty and fell asleep from