the musings of a mad man
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2004-12-16 06:08:26 (UTC)


this is my first diary entry in any sort of diary, digital
or physical. i really don't k now what to write :-P.
hmmmmm i'll just start with the basics. i'm a white male,
living in MN, i've got a fiaunsay (sp?) who i love very
much, no matter if she loses my ring or not (that's just
for her :-D) i have brown hair and eyes that change
colors. they don't just change regularily or with my
choice of shirt color, they change on their own, from brown
to green to blue to hazle, it's kinda tricky when i have to
put my eye color on a federal document. also i'm about 6
feet and 165 lbs. i've got a fair body build (leaning
towards a little fat just b/c it's winter and it's cold in
minnisota!) i have a philosophy on life that is a
derivtion of budist origins and calolic influences even
though i was born catholic. imagine a tollorant cotholic,
scary huh? i enjoy reading and fluent poetry. i also
enjoy music alot, even though i can only play the trumpet.
the types of music i like are non-conformity, metal, nature
based, clasical, punk, soft music and whatever maynard from
tool and a perfect circle does. as of this moment i want
to be a psychyatrist and i think i need to spell my own
career choice correctly if i'm gonna choose it :-P well
i'm gonna end my first here b/c it's 12:06 and i'm tired

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