Sajjad Sulaimani

2004-12-16 05:05:34 (UTC)

Subah Men Mood off!!!

Its stupid fight today in the morning.
I just filled water in the vessels then still the man
mok ..insisted ...why not this why not this way??
How stupid ....must not he say is easier
but to do is not....
any way , Now iam in office and today intentionally I
didnot say hi to the girl on front rashm...cause She seems
to be understanding her slef much smarter and some proudy...
you know,..if any one reading it...I hate such sort of

Just a month earlier she became a friend of mine and she
behaved how cutely ..I thought she is going to be my very
honest good girl friend...But creature of these sort have a
serious shortcoming ....they are selfish ...yes she is
ALthough she mailed me today a good morning message but i
ignored that one bcoz it was not meant for me alone rather
it was a group message...
Foolish ..stupid...And i know some day some one (well I
know him) will perhaps give the same jerk she deserves ....

hey must i leave this topic...let her go to hell,.
Today I am going to create an application through which
chatting on Network connected systems could be done....Well
I got some help already...
stupiddd ...I have not been assigned yet any work in the Just being empty will be like killing my talent
so I must be trying to develop som eapplications all these
leaisure time.

I have brought some game programing book and one software
engineering book ...I will try to read them ..

okay gotta work....lata talk