Angels Insparation
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2004-12-15 19:01:12 (UTC)

The things I see

There are many things that I have come to see as normal. I
am a spirit within a human body. I am the Light that
caresses the darkness. I am what I am and no one can take
that from me. I am the goodness that shadows the darkness I
am the Light that flickers into the depths of Darkness. I
am a Wiccan Witch I have been studing on my own for the
past three years. People say that I am crazy because I see
Ghost, and other things that most people can not see. But
who is to say what is sane. My husband says who is to say
that the people who are called Insane are not truly the
Sane ones. That the sane are really living in a insane
world. I agree thoughs who are called insane usualy are the
smarter ones. They seem to see deeper within the spiritual
world more so than thoughs who are called sane can.I have
been called Crazey by Dr.s I have been called Schizo by
Drs. But in my reality in my world what I have seen goes
way beyond what mear Humans can grasp.What is to say that I
am not the sane one that I am not the one who should call
the Others (Drs Preachers Ect.)Insane.
Sometimes I often wonder if what I see and feel is real.
I see so many things that it overwealms me yet there are
times when I feel a pieace about things. I have so many
dreams of my past lives. So many dreams that come to life
that I am not sure if I see the Future at times or if its
just a second scence. I am a free spirit a spirit born not
of this realm. I am what I am and no one and nothing can
change that.

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