c'mon on in, sorry bout the mess!
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2004-12-15 14:30:41 (UTC)


just read what i wrote this morning, had to edit it cos it
was a bit crazy, speelling and grammar!! and nw i have my
baby back,so im chuffed to bits! but am still tired, an
Amber wants playin with. ah well, makes me feel less tired i
spose, actually scrap that, tis a lie!!
dunno if Andis got anythin planned today, but its gettin
late now if he does, hes probly missed anythin he did have
planned, an its gettin unbelievably busy now, the band stuff
is really takin off, seems like we r constantly on the
phone, to one band or another, or managers of clubs/pubs,
askin can our band have a gig there. "our band", thats great
that, its not mine, its Andis, but he said lastnight our
band, and that yeh course theyr mine too!! woo hoo, wont
need to go back to work when Ambers at school now, cos this
band are seriously fkin talented!! they sound great, they
look great, theyr fukin awesome!! just u watch out for them,
i aint sayin their name, cos i may get into some kinda
trouble somewher along the way, not sure whos gonnna be
readin this, an ive probly said too much already!! ooh, am
tired!! dont u jujst love stretching?! tis great!! except
for when u need to stretch, but cant stretch far enough...
or is that only me?! hmm, i shall have to ask people.
neway, am gonna go now, go an see what my angels upto, she
keeps nickin my cigs, an she broke quite a few the other
day, so i aint quite forgiven her yet!!
love to all reading this x

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