My Gay Misadventures
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2004-12-15 08:44:16 (UTC)


Well Mister Diary, whats up? Who iz you be doin?...Smashing.
------ Ima little high right now...so why not as hell n
stuff log summffin..... Today was ok...Not much achieived...
.Havent spoken to Jered still....fucker. I did manage to set
up this "date" with some guy one, whom iv had a crush on...
But today nothing...just got high with Maganhi..er...Mahag..
.'Tree'....(That lesbian from work. dunno if i mentioned...
wjofbjdsb) Anyway, yea, we got high...so yea... im here -
Ima ask for a raise 2morrow... Oh because i have to move
soon...Either to LA or here.....So i need mroe money and
stuff -speaking of which i got paid today and i
waaaaaaaaaaaas ganna buy xmas gifts for my sis's but they be
out of stock or some shit. So ima go back later. Man o man..
. I got this cam right...I told you. Anyway, Ima take nuff
pics so i can remake my homepage...seeing how it decided to
OD on me...bicthes. nyway, i got the muchies so i gatta go
eat sumffin.....and work. danmn.

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