The Life of a Bug Face
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2004-12-15 07:21:04 (UTC)

Fighting with mom again

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Mood: miserable
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Dear Diary~

Now I am the evil villan of my house. I am having a
hard time with the prospect of my mother marrying John,
which seems to be the new obstacle for me. This is the new
thing that I am supposed to be ok with. My little brother
is ok with it, and my older brother is out on his own and
then once again, there is me. The 19 year old with nothing
to do with her life. Whenever I try to tell my mom why I'm
upset and what I'm worried about, I am stubborn and nasty
and come off as a b~word. She never listens to anything I
have to say because she manipulates conversations. I'll say
something like "If you end up with him, my life is going to
totally change!!!!" and she'll say "Ok Jo, if that is what
you want, I will be single for the rest of my life and then
when you get married and have children, I'll be the old
grandmother who babysits your children for you and then
dies alone. How does that sound?" Obviously, that wasn't
what I was going for. Crank up the volume about 50 decimals
and add swearing on my mom's part and hysterical crying on
mine, plus a lot more things that don't come out the right
way, and you've had my entire day. Has anyone been through
this with their parents? I need prayers big time. :*( Ttyl.