cindy ruth cheng

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2004-12-15 07:10:43 (UTC)

another one which worst that i hate!!!

tìÑTìñ, 11/07/2004:
r y a N!!! one of the unforgetablE guy in
my liFE..(oh db?) mka2limuTan ko b
nmn yaN? jaN anta ngstaRt ang
MaRshie Thing!!! aYt? wel.. he's so
cOol,, lging Mbiro!!, d 2loY mlaMan
kuNg keLan magiGing SeriouS,!!! no
DulL moMent wid Him.. kC nga Isa
Xang paSawAy!!! mis Ko n Yan eh..
lhaT ng KaLokOhan nyA.. khIt unG mga
PsimpLe nyA!!.. maBait yaN.. u caN
olweiZ counT on Him.. No maTter wat,,
db aMbo?hehe pakaBait ha!!!
chIckbOy eh! okieS dats iT 4 noW..
takEcaRE!!! mis Yah!!! mwahH!!

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