2004-12-15 04:15:13 (UTC)

Just peachy

So yeah, i can't really complain about life right now.
Just 3 more days of school, i'm off the entire week next
week, Christmas in coming, i'm STILL very very happy with
Sean, we've had a few problems but not any serious ones. I
always say that arguing just makes us stronger, which is
true, lol. So yeah, thats pretty much it. My Christmas
shopping is almost halfway done, lol. Just need time and
money and il be all set, lol. We've been having christmas
parties at work so its actually been really fun going to
work for once. Nextweek should be pretty nice though. I
can't wait. Hmm, lets see, what else is there. Nothing
else really. My life sucks. Nothing interesting ever
happens, lol. So, yeah i think i'm gonna go now. Sean if
your reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!! Sorry i hit u in the eye
today ACCIDENTALLY!! (Lol, long story guys)

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