Diary of a Slave Boy (18 )
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2004-12-15 00:49:05 (UTC)

Strange Second Day

Well, this entry will be rather short. Today i can hardly
say anything at all, the two girls took me from my room,
bathed me, and brought me back again. I was expecting
something to happen. I was brought three meals today, some
cereal for breakfast, a few sandwiches for lunch, and two
burgers for my last meal, and a bottle of milk with each
one. I dont really know what to make of today, it has been
so strange, and the collar and cuffs feel so strange on my

Again today i was shaved all ver save for my head, i am
guessing that either the man or woman from yesterday has
ordered that i stay like this. I have been thinking of
what t do, since i am always locked in, and the computer
is locked onto this page, so all i can do is read others
diaries. ther peples diaries are very interesting, and
some of them are arousing. Today, while reading the diary
of another, i was naughty with myself, and i masturbated.
I was not sure what to do, so i left a little milk in the
bottle and put what came out in there to try and hide it.

Well, that is all i can write today, and it has been
slightly disapointing, i wonder if this will be every day
that the two people leave me by myself. I also wonder if i
was brought here for mental torture, i dont think i could
live like this and be happy. But fr now i must sleep as i
am tired, and i am to make one entry per day.

Goodnight, diary.

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