Nick's Journal
2004-12-14 21:24:51 (UTC)

It's My B-day so here is my view on the NFL

yeah so it is my birthday but noone really ever wants to
hear some philosophical drivel that we are all prone to on
our day of birth. :-). so lately everybody's been
saying, "oh nick you're so good at picking the winning
teams on sunday, how do you do it?" well i don't know
really but here is my take on the NFL and maybe it'll help.
by team (in random order):
most disappointing goes to the giants (just beating out the
redskins), sorry greg, because i mean come on. 0-11 in the
second half of the season in the past two years? ouch.
they are gonna basically get manning some playing time, i
didn't follow them much so don't know why they took out
warner. but giving up 30-some points to the skins? ouch.
then there are the skins, oh boy, talk about a fucking let-
down (again). main problem here? hmmm, a grumpy old guy
adhering to a sorry-has-been quarterback. i feel so badly
for arrington and the defense, cos they are incredible.
my favorite team by far are the panthers, i loved them last
year and am just thrilled that they are winning again, cos
they cost me a lot of earlier season pot losses here at the
office. i mean you can't be pissed at them after losing
just about everyone on the team, but john fox rocks my
socks and they'll be in the playoffs as long as they beat
the falcons (fingers crossed).
ah the colts. best quarterback ever! and the shittiest
defense in the world. sure they can kind of blitz but
let's get real, they are gonna die the second they hit the
steelers or patriots. oh hell i'll just move over to the
nfc: the panthers (god-willing) will be in it and make an
upset (hopefully over the packers). i'm sorry but i can't
blame favre for not playing too well lately and almost
losing it to the lions, cos of his wife. the panthers
visiting him in the post-season will make him wish HE had
cancer. seahawks are just ridiculous and are going to get
eviscerated by the vikings, barring mike tice acting like a
monkey moron again. falcons will probably blow it again
against whoever comes to them, even if it's a bunch of
blind toddlers with no legs. they have nothing but vick
(don't buy into the duckett hype) and vick just isn't going
to run wild in the playoffs. basically one of the wild
cards will be set up to get their balls handed to them by
the eagles (twice). yeah that's right, i said it, eagles
go to the superbowl!
afc: i love almost all the afc playoff teams, except the
patriots, mainly cos i don't get how they win. i truly
love buffalo cos they just don't give up, but i really like
the ravens. all favoritism aside, here are my predictions.
as much as i like the ravens, they won't make it to the
playoffs this year cos their remaining schedule is just
killer. if they do i will bow down to billick and proclaim
him my god. the jaguars aren't worth their hype and are
out in my opinion, giving me the bills as the come around
the corner team. "but nick" i'll hear, they have to play
the steelers in week 17. well more than likely the
steelers will have homefield advantage by then (i smell a
new england loss in new york). whoa i'm not even in the
playoffs yet! ok so now we're in the playoffs. the bills in
all my favoritism will bow out early more than likely to
the chargers. the colts will straight destroy the jets,
mainly because the jets won't be able to pressure manning.
in the second round i could see the patriots losing to the
chargers, and sadly enough, the colts will lose to the
steelers. because their defensive secondary will pick
manning off early, get him frustrated and take him down on
his mistakes as the bus just runs over them on defense (a
good blitzing defense means nothing against the steelers).
so now you have hte steelers destroying the chargers and
the steelers vs. the eagles.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i really don't know on this one. i
could go for the cop-out and say the steelers, but the
eagles are just so damn good even when they play badly
(like this past sunday). hmmmmm. but the steelers....if
anything it'll be great. but i can't leave without a final
prediction. ehhhhhhhh.
i say the eagles will win it. why? just because donovan
mcnabb and terrell owens are that good. nothing else. i
mean there are so many factors i just have to narrow it
down to that being the deciding one. and here's my gay-ass
final score.