devil hellish

mandys journal
2004-12-14 19:14:55 (UTC)


im in dettion again today... for beating a 8th grader
just my luck, everyone is mad at me now but my freinds are
happy i did it because the kid was getting on our nurvus
and i can only handel so much! I got a b/f= boyfrind also
today his name is josh, i calls him my lil joshie bear
tho i just met him and i adour him like a little kitten
found in a box on the street corner... i luv him sooo much
hes so sweet funny and everything i wanted and more! Even
tho hes a grad and im in the 9th grade, he luvs me i luv
him the age dont fucking matter hes justt
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot! LOL i g2g det. hall is
over love yas lol byes