my scars, my life
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2004-12-14 13:21:41 (UTC)


I suppose I should introduce myself as this is my first
entry. I suppose its pretty presumptuous to think people
may bother reading this.... but what the hell...

Im 23 years old, female and Im from Birmingham UK. I have
2 lovely cats... if i can i will post piccies/ link to
piccies at some point. I live in a nice house with my
friend Di and we usually stay in and get stoned...
occasionally we pop out... My fave colour depends what
mood im in, my fave food, likewise.

I am Gay and single (sob) but i only 'came out' about 5
onths ago, so not expecing anything just yet. (any

well, yesterday was monday. Went out for a well earned
drink with my friend Sam and later Di turned up, it was
alright, got quite drunk and these blokes gave us some
weed. been thinking a lot recently about stuff, wondering
when things will start to fall into place like people say
they will.

feeling very tired today, Im at work and I have don
everything else I needed to do, so I m writing this whilst
noone looks...

havent cut now for 9 days, m y wrist is still very sore
and everytime the cut closes up it re-opens. should
probably have got it stitched but didnt want to. the one
on the back of my arm is healing at last but is still
really sore.

I wish there was a way to get young people to not cut,
like if they could be me for a day and see where it ends
up, feeling like shit all the time and not being able to
wear short sleeves without people staring all the time.
but i suppose people hae to make their own mistakes dont

looking forward to christmas kind of, well i am, but its
the time of year when i start to think a lot about stuff,
my cousin and things, its not good thinking about it cos
nothing ever changes! I suppose i should just block it out
and think about somehting else instead...

anyhow, nothing much else to report...