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2004-12-14 10:15:11 (UTC)


Feeling shite today. There's this music forum i go on (i'm
a mod on it etc), thing is we decided to have interviews on
the site, and i was chosen to do it. i got really excited
bout it (i got a camcorder for my 18th so wanted to film
interviews) i had it all organised then was told at the
last minute that they weren't gonna be videoed but
interviewed in person. so i said i couldn;t cos i ain't got
a digital camera and a dictaphone. anyway, turns out the
admin guy has taken over and interviewed them on msn. i
could have done that. but no, i wasn't told owt about it. i
feel really shite cos i was really looking foward to it. it
was something worthwhile that i could do, now that chance
has been takne away from me. guess i'm just feeling down
today :( not that bad that i want to SI but if i get any
worse it'll be on my mind :( plus i've just been to the
doctors (cos i've had a really bad chest infection for like
2 months now)the antibiotics she gave me last time should
have cleared it up, they didn't. now im on stronger
antibiotics, things is if they don't work i got to go for a
chest x-ray etc. i'm so scared. my grandad died of lung
cancer, and i'm so scared it's in my genes. i'm feeling
really screwed up right now, i just wanna cry. :(